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24 March 2014 @ 08:52 pm
100% - BANG The BUSH Review  
Here is my review for latest 100%'s album BANG The BUSH !



1. Heart
2. 심장이 뛴다 (Beat) 30krukm
3. 너와 나 (You and I)
Super Man
Bad Girl
전화 (Phone)
I really liked "Bad boy" at the time and i have to say that they grew stronger with this title song "Beat" that I absolutely LOVE 30krukm I play it like crazy lately. This song is more on the "dramatic" side and they killed it ! The intro is well connected to the song in a more classical way. Unfortunately the other songs are really boring... "You and I" could be a great R&B ballad if the 너와 나 part wasn't so repetitive and plain. That's what kills the song. Too much autotune in "Superman", and the pop beat is annoying. Again a lot of repetitiveness coming with "Bad girl". I don't like the chorus at all because of "you are the bad bad girl the bad girl" thing that's so annoying. "Phone" is a boring ballad that's easily forgotten.
To conclude, the only good thing about this album is the title song that is absolutely brilliant, the rest of it is completely useless to me. I could work for some people but not me haha. Plus, all of the songs are different genres so i believe they're still trying to find their signature. FIGHTING 100% !


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