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24 March 2014 @ 08:28 pm
4minute - 4MINUTE WORLD Review  
~Here's another review of 4minute's new mini album "4MINUTE WORLD".
Which is average in my opinion.~


1. Wait a Minute
2. 오늘 뭐해 (Watcha doin' Today) 30krukm
3. 알려 줄게 (I'll Show you)
4. 들어와 (Come in) 30krukm
5. 고마워 :) (Thank you)

The style of the album is really groovy, which i like ! i don't really know what happened with their previous albums but, this one seems to catch up a bit. I really miss the old times with "Huh" and such... This one isn't the bomb neither but i like the title song a lot ! especially Jiyoon's rap and Gayoon parts. This is the type of song that gets better the more you listen to it. "Wait a Minute" could be a good song but it reminds me too much of F(x). And it's a little bit repetitive too. "Come in" is a great "sexy" song even if it only features Hyuna and Jiyoon ^^ The other songs didn't really catch my attention. Maybe "I'll show you" but again, it's so repetitive it becomes annoying x)  "Thank you" is a ballad that's easily forgotten even after a few plays.


Don't forget to buy it if you liked it ! HERE