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24 March 2014 @ 07:27 pm
MBLAQ - BROKEN review  
~It's been a while since i posted icons on the blog, almost 5 years i believe ? wow... Well, I decided to change the subject of my blog a little bit x) I'll do some music (kpop, jpop) reviews for you guys as well as beauty products ! YAY are you excited ? coz i am :D
ANYWAY, let's get right into it !~

MBLAQ is back with a brand new mini album (6th) and i'm really excited to share my review on this one coz it's really really good !



1- Broken (Intro.)
2- 남자답게 (Be a man)
3- 우리 사이 (our relationship) 30krukm
4- 12개월 (12 months)
5- 열쇠 (key)30krukm
6- 둘이라서 (Because there are two)30krukm
7- Still With You (Outro.)

To begin, the intro is 'café like', really slow and it reflects the major style of the album. It is in fact slower to what they'd normally do but very pleasant.
The tittle track isn't as good as i expected, it doesn't stuck in my head in comparison to "Our relationship" which is so catchy ! i love the melody. "Key" is really good too, i feel like the songs blend perfectly with each other. "Because there are two" is also a really good song, slightly slower than the other two (haha got it ?) and the more you listen to it the better it gets. The only downside track of this album is "12 months". I don't really like the melody and it doesn't really get into the feels you know. "Key" and "Our relationship" do ! The album finishes with the outro, with the same ambiance as the other songs, with a pleasant melody.
The style of this album changes from the previous ones and i have to admit that it suits them perfectly !
So overall this album is great ! i just wish MBLAQ would promote "Our relationship" that they previously released as a teaser instead of "Be a man" haha


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